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The difference between cacao, cocoa, and chocolate

Cacao is thought to have been first used by the Maya civilization in Central America. cocoa and cacao come from the same place, it’s the way of processing that makes a difference.
These differences in turn have different effects on their nutritional benefits. Cacao powder is made by crushing cocoa beans and removing cacao butter or butter.
Chocolate is rich in polyphenols, which have significant health benefits, including reducing inflammation and increasing cholesterol levels. Many can’t
differentiate the mention of cacao and cocoa. Though both are different forms. Chocolate is made from cacao beans, or more precisely beans from the Theobroma cacao tree.
The plant produces large, pod-like fruits, each containing 20–60 seeds surrounded by a sweet and sour white pulp. The filling of these pods provides the base ingredient for chocolate products. However, there is no complete agreement on when to use the terms cacao and cocoa respectively. Manufacturers of raw cacao bean products often use the word cacao instead of cocoa, which may imply that they are more of a natural product. Cacao refers more to
brown ingredients before fermentation. While cacao refers to the mention of chocolate that has gone through fermentation process. Cacao is the raw cocoa bean and the purest form of chocolate available in the market because of this least processed compared to chocolate bars or cocoa powder. Cacao is also known to have the highest amount of antioxidants, which are beneficial for the skin and heart and the body’s defense against certain cancers, while cocoa usually comes in powder form, and is usually heated prior to manufacture. Cocoa is usually referred to as a lower quality version of cacao, however, this cocoa is still loaded with benefits
and usually cheaper…

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